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    olympus fe-190 please help. =)

    hi there. i have an olympus fe-190 and the screen is broken on it from presure damage, but the camera still works, well did work well untill just a little while ago. im not sure what went wrong with it, but i think it may have formatted. it shows up on my computer, but inside the memory card is nothing. i have tried making a DCIM folder, but no luck, im not sure what should be inside the DCIM folder.

    any advice?

    thanx heaps.


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    The camera creates the folders it needs when the card is inserted and used. If you had pictures on the card that you want to recover DO NOT WRITE ANYTHING to the card. You will likely just overwrite and corrupt what might still be there. To reocver any image files you will need image recovery software on your computer and a card reader as you should not be using the camera if it is physically damaged as it might damage the card.

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