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    The Online Photographer's Camera of the Year

    The short of it is that basically the pick was the A850. Michael Johnson is more or less the curator of the site. He is also the guy that wrote the "Decisive Moment Digital" article that so many people begging for something like the EP-1 or GF-1 considered the canonical request, and in the year of the introduction of those cameras he still picked the A850. He said it was like having a medium format camera with the portability and controls of 35mm, for under $2000.

    The other picks by TOP contributors included the M9, a few for the GF-1, the EP-2, and a film Bessa I know little about. Lots of talk about the EVIL cameras.

    I would personally have a hard time picking for this year, between the high ISO ability of the D3x and 1D IV, the super res and FF sensor at a low price of the A850, the M9, or the portability of the EP-1 or GF-1. It has been fun to see so many angles of photography progress, and really not so much in terms of megapixels, but in high ISO, frame size, and portability. Not to mention the Canon G11 and S90, and Sony rear-lit cameras bringing much better low-light ability to compacts.

    Edit: not that TOP is the end all be all of photography, but I'm sure it will be noted that neither Canon nor Nikon made the list. The giants are sleeping, while everyone else is trying to break the mold and do something new. (Arguably the A850 isn't really doing something new, it is almost identical to the 5D and D700, but the price is important.)
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