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    Question What if SONY reconfigured the camera divisions

    So, yeah, what if SONY spun off an Advanced Camera Division (for the seasoned Minolta/Adv. SONY DSLR camera wielders) and were to marry up the low-end offerings into a P&S/Intro-DSLR Division? I mean these two divisions could share all the lenses, but then you would not have to deal with all the pricing silliness and utter confusion that the "intro" cameras keep bringing to the party.

    The P&S and lower-echelon DSLR users could:

    1. swap their EVIL and LiveView war tales
    2. continue to argue about cheapness and their refusal to pony up the serious bucks, (thinking you can get something for nothing)
    3. get a lot closer to one another, learning the ways of "photon recovery" and finally
    4. buy the "new SONY releases" every six months, as the camera shows permit.

    while the "advanced" users could really concentrate of imaging particulars and methodologies to perfect digital imaging with one or two high-end cameras that may have to last for at least two or more years.

    Hey, it is just an idea ... to create serious elitism, put some distance between the APS-C and Full Frame crowd ... and hopefully create some of that "old time" Minolta-religion and missing enthusiasm for the power product.

    I mean, not every "veteran" photographer is interested in a discussing the intricacies and value of a "kit lens." As I think Peter Pan once said, "Sorry, you have to grow up, sometime."
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    Since when did "elitism" become a good thing.
    You could start another group for "Sony FF" but then we'd have to ban you from this forum.

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    Quote Originally Posted by DonSchap View Post
    So, yeah, what if SONY spun off an Advanced Camera Division
    I think there is a reasonable possibility of that happening, but they would take the low end DSLR sales with them.

    I wonder how well Sony's DSLR business is doing, and if it is long for this world. Many thought we would see one SLR maker go away in 2009, but the most likely seemed to be Pentax.

    Also the EVIL segment cannot be ignored. Samsung has the new one, and Sony seems like the company best equipped out of Nikon, Canon, Sony. It seems to be something that electronics companies latch onto (Panasonic, Samsung) more than optical companies (Olympus, Hoya, Nikon, Canon). I think you want the EVIL cameras in the high end group, right now that is who they are going to sell to. Many, many of the EP-1 and GF-1 cameras sold so far have not been to point and shoot consumers, but instead to pros and advanced amateurs who want 80% of DSLR capability and flexibility in a package not much larger than a compact. Michael Johnson of Luminous Landscape and The Online Photographer has one of the most resonated voices in the cult of photography, and he has been talking about his Decisive Moment Digital for a long time. Sony seems poised to offer a good solution.

    It would be interesting if Sony could just spin off the whole thing. If they could get away with it, even call it Minolta. I just don't think that this big, unpopular, highly marketed electronics company can ever have the cult following that Minolta used to enjoy. I think we see that with Canon vs. Nikon now. Canon has it's fanboys, but it isn't a cult like Pentax and Nikon have, and Minolta used to. And I think that is because the type of people with a mindset to religiously follow a company don't trust big companies.

    I also think Sony's drive to bring point and shoot users to SLRs is driving away some of the high end crowd. The A900/A850 and Zeiss glass seems like a very serious pro offering, but Sony's lineup is pretty void between that and the very low end entry market. That was part of the reason I left Sony was it felt like while there was an upper tier, there wasn't much of a mid tier on the way. The way things have been handled kinda makes me wonder if they will soon abandon even the upper level stuff to entirely concentrate on having interchangeable lens point and shoots.
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    I don't think so, Jason, Sony have a huge investment in their Brand and your average consumer never heard of Minolta.

    How long? I think Sony are in it for the long haul. Sometimes we forget that the A100 was only launched in 2006, how far have we come since then. It's ridiculous to expect Sony to have been able to satisfy everyone with a fully fledged system in that time frame, but that's what some Pundits are, in effect, beefing about. What they have done since the dramatic withdrawal of Konica is nothing short of amazing, well pretty good anyway. What will they do in the next four years?

    EVIL, no I don't see it in the high end yet. I think it's the future for interchangeable lens cameras but I don't think the EVF is good enough yet and neither is the AF. The benefits for the Manufacturer (much easier and cheaper to produce) and for the end user (no mirror clack, full time MLU, unlimited focus points, really small lenses) are easy to comprehend but they will perfect it at the lower end first. I can't see them preserving the A-Mount either, bad for legacy Minolta owners. Maybe tomorrow will prove me wrong!

    If Sony are driving away some of the high end crowd, they are probably in the minority. The fact that Sony is working hard to increase DSLR take up at the bottom end is a good sign and can only benefit the mid/high end with more potential upgraders and a bigger o/all market.

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