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    A theory on why Sony DSLRs don't have video yet

    I was listening to TWIP this AM and they were talking about the sensors in video DSLRs not having as much "float" as sensors in video cams and it got me thinking about SSS for video.

    I don't know how Pentax and Olympus handle their image stabilized sensor for video, but I would guess the same technology that works for still images wouldn't work very well for video, so perhaps they just turn it off for video. If that is the case maybe Sony is working on a way to get SSS to work for video. My other thought is that they are trying to come up with a way to be the first with some sort of phase detect AF during video or on a mirrorless (EVIL) camera.

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    or they don't want to shoot their own video camera sales

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    Quote Originally Posted by SONYNUT View Post
    or they don't want to shoot their own video camera sales
    I don't think Canon's vixia sales have been impacted by the incorporation of video recording in their DSLRs. It has an entirely different application and comes at a different price point.

    They're trying to do something, and whatever that is (my guess would be phase detect AF as well) is taking a long time to implement.

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