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    Angry Feeling sucker punched!

    I guess what really made me angry was the rather abusive reception to fresh ideas I got over at Dyxum. Then, when I took exception, they locked my thread!
    That's not supportive, that's just abusive.

    I realize they are a "European" board and quickly cater to their native membership, but valid points should be considered and not ignored or censored. Yet, time and again, it keeps happening.

    Then SONY's goofy 3D announcement really took the cake. I know where their money is being funneled ... and it does not look like it is in developing DSLR technology. That really has me fuming, over the past three years of unyielding support I have provided all these thankless ... well, I think you know where I am going with this.

    This unrelenting winter storm and endless freeze is not really helping the situation. I feel like I am living in the Great White North, not the Midwest.

    Whatever ... congrats to Alabama ... National Champions!
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