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read between the lines peter. i was responsding to you being ever-hopeful of sony coming up with the next big breakthru and generally being an apologist for why sony have ignored the middle to top end of the dslr market. here is what you said.
See, the really confusing thing is that they've kind of... "dabbled" in that market.

There's some nice glass at the top-end range. The a900 is a pretty good camera, and if Sony had thought to release weather-sealed lenses, it may have been a decent pro-level camera system. Built-in IS on a 35mm FF equivalent sensor? Very nice.

But, now that they've put the money in to R&D for the lenses, and R&D for the bodies, Sony is now seemingly abandoning that market as a lost cause. Maybe that's what happening? Perhaps Sony has decided that they can't compete with CaNikon at the top, or the other four big players in the middle, so they want the low-end.

That's kind of odd to me since I've never, EVER seen Sony take that kind of marketing/product strategy - Sony, at least to me, has always been premium product at premium price.