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Anyone else care to offer some insight?
I honestly don't think that Sony really knows what they're doing...

Okay, consumer electronics company, background in point and shoot cameras and broadcast digital decides to start offering Digital SLRs...

Alright, they buy out KM's camera department, use their existing relationship with Zeiss to make some nice lenses. The a900 is nice. The a700 is great, the a850 is... interesting?

I don't know where they go from here. Sony seems to be dedicated to becoming, if it exists, a low-end dSLR player, and I don't understand that.

They've got now six dSLRs that are in the "entry-level" category, with no updates to the mid-level a700 and a retrograde update to the "semi-pro" level FF a900. The Sony FF cameras are nice and have excellent price-points... but what professional is going to want to haul around non-weather sealed lenses? Are Sony going for the studio-only crowd?

Or are Sony going to quite determinedly shoot themselves in the foot by having no clear upgrade path in the system?

I have a feeling that Sony simply doesn't have a set direction for the dSLR division, unless that direction is "gadgetry".