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    Fuji J38 Auto Flash

    I got the Fuji J38 today for Christmas, my first digital since, NO LAUGHING, 2002 when the 1.3 mp were hot...Anyways, Im not STOOPID on electronics and stuff, and I was playing around with the camera and somehow turned the flash off and cant for the life of me turn it back on....And there isnt a users guide, more of a leaflet of point , smile and click.....Also, in the LCD lense thingy is a yellow house looking icon..What is it and what have I done ??? Thanks SOOO much !!


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    To turn on the flash you have to press right on the four-way button (where the ligthing thingy is)

    No idea what the yellow hous-like icon is ... maybe it's some kind of scene mode for indoor photography ?

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