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Thread: Windows 7

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    Windows 7

    I just installed the upgrade for Windows 7. I started by trying to back up everything and after almost 4 hours and three DVD's the update stopped working. So I just went ahead with the install and it went good just took a long time. I seems to be working good and there are some neat features. I like that you can put all the programs on the task bar.

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    Four hours? Wow, you could have backed everything up, formatted the drive, installed from scratch and restored a big chunk of your data in that time.
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    Took me about 1/2 as long. I put a specific Open Office speadsheet on the taskbar, but it opens a blank spreadsheet instead of the specific file. Not sure if any bells and whistles really change the way I do things.
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    I, on the other hand, preferred quick start icons much better than pinning the program.

    Frank, upgrading an O/S is a mistake; always best to start with a fresh installation to avoid problems. Don't be fooled into thinking Microsoft get these things right, look at Vista. Arrgh! only MS can get things horribly wrong (Vista) and then charge you for putting it partly right (W7).

    What were you backing up? I hope it was the O/S (but why?) and not the data.
    Data should always be on a separate Partition (or second drive) from the O/S, so that when (not if!) you get a problem with the O/S, you can reinstall without affecting your data. BTW, if you back up the O/S partition (I use Ghost but there are others) it's a very simple operation to recover when things go wrong.

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