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    Question S6000fd viewer problem

    Don't let my name fool you. I'm new here and I have just enough knowledge to get myself in trouble, but probably not out! In reading posts here, I find that many of you enjoy your S6000 and its many features. Until a couple days ago, I too was happy with mine. But having owned it for about three years, I'm now facing a problem that may force me to "round file" it.

    In short, the camera has developed a "bug" that allows only intermittent use of either the LCD or eye viewer. Depending on the camera's mood, I can clearly see the photo subject when these viewers are working, but then they seemingly stop functioning without cause. The view then is strickly black, but all icons and function symbols remain. Any pictures taken while the view is dark result in a black-out picture. When the viewers are functioning, the resulting pictures have fine horizontal lines running through them. I found reference to a similar problem on this forum posted a couple years ago that suggests a "faulty CCD sensor", but I've seen nothing recently.

    My questions are: Has anyone else experienced this problem?; Is it easily repaired? (can I do it?); If I cannot repair it myself, who do you recommend?; Finally, do you recommend making the repairs, or are they likely to be cost prohibitive? Yeah, I know, lots of questions from a nubbie, but I really like this camera and had planned to keep it for years. Any input, comments or suggestions would be most appreciated! I've tried to attach a sample pic, hope this helps. Thanks, Dan

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    Yes, it appears that your sensor is going bad. No, there's nothing that you can do on your own. Yes, the repairs are going to be cost prohibitive unless you can get Fuji to cover it. It doesn't hurt to ask.

    But I think it's time to look for a new camera.

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    I wouldn't buy new parts for it as it a bit old and new parts might cost you half of what a newer (and/or better) camera would cost you.
    Does it help if you shake or softly hit the camera ? If it's a broken contact then you could try opening the camera (it's useless anyway) and look for a bad contact and fix it.

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    Just found your response to my inquiry. Thanks for your input. Yes, it does help to shake or bump the camera. That will often cause the image to return. If I open the camera, what should I be looking for as a broken contact? How would I fix it? Where could I find specifics? Thanks, Dan

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    It sucks your camera is dying. Just a matter of time for me also I suppose. Do you by any chance live close to the sea? Salty air could trigger problems like this you know.

    When opening it up, careful about dust and moisture.

    Use a blower and vacuum cleaner interchangeably.. that will dislodge dust inside and help clean up the electronics.

    There usually will be a main electronic board (motherboard) of sorts. If there are wires plugged into it that are removable. Unplug, blow into them to clear up any dust and replug back in.

    Ground your feet to avoid static electricity build up.

    Careful about the image sensor. It might be exposed once you open it. You don't want dust on that.

    Good luck!
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    Thanks again for the response. Just as I had feared, looks like its time to go shopping for a new camera. I plan to give the repair a try, but will probably end up in the round file... the good die young!!!

    Have you/anyone had experience with the newly released S1600? Lots of features nearly identical to S6000, but at lower price? What are your thoughts?

    Finally, not much saltwater here in Indiana! Thanks again!

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