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    Cool Got that burning "itch" again!

    No, do not be silly, it's not that one.

    The "I want a new part added to my optical inventory" itch. Every photography victim of their manufacture has this. Some worse than others. You find a problem ... and you break out the wallet and solve it. Consumerism at its finest. If everyone did it ... I am pretty sure we'd all be broke.

    Rationale: After photographing the indoor, college basketball games, I am finding myself rather limited with the darn indoor lighting ... I am willing to take the next step and get the consummate "fire-starter", the Metz mecablitz 76 (see "My Gear List", 'el WISH LIST' - near the bottom. Click on the flash's name).

    This bad boy is like being 'punch drunk' and someone keeps wailing on you, but you cannot see who they are. Just flashes and purple haze, when you close your eyes.

    Anyway ... it is the end of 2009, Q4 ... otherwise known as "Christmas" ... and I will find out if it makes its way here. C'mon Secret Santa! Attachment 50746

    I can just hear them now ...

    Attachment 50745 "OMG ... I can't see! Attachment 50747 And, put out that drape! It's on fire!"
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