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    Lightbulb Katz-Eye in the A700

    For a long time I have pondered why I have been getting some really wild responses from SPOT metering in my α700 , under various lighting conditions. Some times it would be okay and others almost 2 to 3 f/stops off and overexposing a lot of shots. It has been so different from Center-Weighted-Average Metering, which always seemed correct. I simply adopted CWA to have a workaround and maintain a stable exposure in most of the automatic modes.

    Now, after my experiences with the M-screen in the Full Frame α850, I now understand the problem. The SPOT Metering meter is being directly affected by the Katz-Eye's split screen focus. SONY's generic solution has been no split screen for manual focus and it must be for this very reason.

    Even the α850 has a selection in the MENU to accommodate the different types of focusing screens (G, M, & L) you can use.

    BTW: Katz-Eye has quit marketing the focusing screen for the α700. Makes sense people would return it, thinking it was fouling up the camera. Obviously, to some folks, the value of SPOT metering exceeds the value of Manual focusing.
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