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    HVL-F42AM with A350

    I just got this flash and was testing on my A350.. and have a few questions..

    When I set camera to Aperature mode, flash manual states that I press the "mode" button to turn on the Flash ON Lamp. When I press the "mode" button it goes to "wl ch1" (wireless channel 1"). I cannot get the flash to go to just the Flash On..

    Also does the same thing in Shutter mode..

    Is this the way it should work using the A350 or is something wrong..

    The manual is lacking in a detail explanations on settings..

    Many thanks for any help

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    Are you doing this with the flash on the hot shoe, or off? If off, try it with the flash on the hot shoe.
    I don't have the same issue, but then again I am using an A200...

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    For automatic metering, you should just be able to flip the camera into A, aperture priority mode, and pop on the flash (default ttl metering) and fire away.

    The wireless mode is when you move the flash off camera.

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