There was a time when photography consisted of custom emulsions, darkrooms and having to work, effectively blind, to get things developed. Nature of the best, I suppose. Well, looking back on that and what we have to work with, today ... where Photography has "come into the light", so to speak, what qualifies as "simpler times." Because in my estimation, THESE are the simple times, in the art.

How simple? Consider, you can select your average harried, child-care taker; hand them a digital camera; and that person can get a picture ready for computer distribution in seconds. That's pretty simple.

So ... why is everyone having such trouble with DSLR operation?

Digital camera, right? Light goes in the lens, hits the sensor when you press the button, right?

Still ... options drive people crazy. It forces them to make decisions. The more decisions to be made, the more frustrating it all seems, right?

Ahhh, simpler times. The land of no-thought.

After the +30 camera introduction, it does make you wonder what SONY-marketing is about to cut loose with next, doesn't it?