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    Thumbs up Cheap Cheap Lens for Sigma SD14

    Anybody who has read my other posts here knows I am resource limited:


    Happy as I am with manual focus lenses for my Sigma SD14, I'll confess a bit of curiosity to learn how the other half lives.

    Thus, when brand new Sigma 659110 28-80 lenses became available recently for a price well south of twenty bucks, I bit. The Sigma 659 series is a very old design. I would put it in the mid 1990's, possibly earlier. It is poorly regarded glass and no pro photographer would be caught in the same room with one of these lenses, no less tote one around.

    But it is an AF lens, my first, and I was anxious to see what my SD14 would do. Heck, I had never even tested the AF feature of my camera prior to buying this lens. It works, BTW.

    The lens was quite impressive to me upon receipt, but bear in mind I am easily impressed. It fit my SD14 as perfectly as you would expect. It focuses very quickly, virtually instantaneously, and is a lot of fun to zoom.

    The image quality with this lens can only support prints of, perhaps, 5X7 on a good day. The detail isn't there. The lens also is not APO and it lacks a HF feature. This lens also is coating deficient, and with a highly reflective sensor such as the one inside the SD14, the lens hood included with this lens might not be enough to save you from internal reflections. Bear in mind the Sigma 659 series lenses were designed for film cameras. And film does not reflect light like a Foveon sensor. Also, obviously, this is not a DG lens. So when used with an SD14 the 1.7 focal length multiplier becomes operative.

    Still, with all those "horrors" and probably a few I have yet to discover, I love the lens! It is very fun finally to own a lens which exercises my SD14's AF capability. A lot more stuff "lights up" on this camera when you use such a lens . . . as opposed to use of MF lenses. And if I am pressed for resolving power, I can always re-fit my Tamron or my old (but functional) Carl Zeiss (both MF).

    So for less than twenty bucks for this brand new lens, I'm a pretty happy camper.
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