Okay, so while Jeff Keller gives great camera reviews (and I'm not saying that just because he went to my alma mater), thought visitors to this forum who are thinking about moving into the FF world with the A850 might also want to check out this month's Popular Photography magazine which has its test results of the A850.

A brief summary of the results which primarily compared the A850's performance against the A900 and then against the Nikon D700 and Canon 5D Mark II.

A850 vs. A900 - There is, of course, the obvious cost saving differences leading to the A850's lower price - slower shutter speed at 3fps vs. A900's 5fps, 98% accurate view finder vs. A900's 100%, and no wireless remote controller. The surprising results - the A850 showed less noise at ISO 100 to 400 as compared to the A900 (about a 1-stop improvement) and had a better color accuracy score, excellent, vs. the A900's extremely high. Their tests found slightly lower image resolution compared to the A900.

A850 vs. competition - greater resolution as compared to the Nikon and Canon. ISO range and ISO noise still a problem for Sony as compared to Nikon and Canon. The test results showed Nikon and Canon as having less noise at the higher ISOs, indeed less noise at twice the ISO of Sony (eg less noise at ISO 6400 as compared to A850 at ISO 3200). Low light focusing - Sony out performed the competition for most of the range, but Nikon edged out in the dimmest light and Canon lagged behind both.