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    Cool Some of the more misunderstood opinions and facts of DSLR photography.

    For some reason, many new buyers of DSLR & SLR cameras are rather stunned and surprised that the "next" lens they might buy for their camera actually costs more than the camera body they will fit it to.

    Well, you really need to get use to this fact, because we're not in Kansas anym ... sorry, stuck with a P&S camera, anymore. The manufacturing of excellent optics is a long and painstaking process. Once you begin to understand what is involved in the design, manufacturer and testing of a good lens … your fear of spending "too much" will be very different than it probably is, right now.

    Got a few minutes? Watch this and learn (<-click on this). Then ...continue on with this and finish up with this.

    Obviously, to save money, we can all do this at home, right?

    As ignorance fades, wisdom sidles up and keeps you company. Love your glass.
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