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    Camera Selection - questionnaire attached

    I'm looking for a new camera primarly for closeup shots of inanimate objects. Thanks for your suggestions!


    * What budget have you allocated for buying this camera? Please be as specific as possible.

    Under $500


    * What size camera are you looking for? Or does size not matter at all to you?

    Does not matter


    How many megapixels will suffice for you?

    Does not matter

    * What optical zoom will you need? (None, Standard = 3x-4x, Ultrazoom = 10x-12x, Other - Specify)

    Standard is fine or Ultrazoom is a bonus

    * How important is “image quality” to you? (Rate using a scale of 1-10)

    10 (most important)

    Do you care for manual controls?

    Yes, but also auto modes

    General Usage

    * What will you generally use the camera for?

    Macro close ups of eletronic circuitry and components mostly

    * Will you be making big prints of your photos or not?

    8x10 max typical

    Will you be shooting a lot of indoor photos or low light photos?


    Will you be shooting sports and/or action photos?



    Are there particular brands you like or hate?


    Are there particular models you already have in mind?


    (If applicable) Do you need any of the following special features? (Wide Angle, Image Stabilization, Weatherproof, Hotshoe, Rotating LCD)

    Prefer tripod mount ability, image stabilization and wide angle

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    The SLR-like ultrazoom models make closeup work easy. There are several nice ones by Canon, Olympus, Panasonic, and Sony to choose from. The fancy new Fuji S200EXR would be up at the top of your price range. Here is a link to another thread on these -

    Ultra zoom camera

    Kelly Cook
    Canon EOS 50D, Fujifilm F45fd, various film dinosaurs

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