This camera behaves very strangely, especially in low-lighting.

Often it just refuses to take a picture, or takes one when the "flash" symbol is light in the viewfinder, but doesn't flash.

This even happens if the flash is turned to "On" (not just "Auto").

Sometimes if you play about changing the shooting mode / type of autofocus it might work, bit often not.

Often when this happens, the orange focus assist light (on front of camera) stays permanently lit until you take finger off shutter button.

Also, it sometimes doesn't want to take a picture in daylight ! You either get the focus square (on LCD image)) staying orange or not appearing at all.

I bought this camera over 12 months ago and Canon haven't been very helpful e.g fault vs some setting that needs changing vs operator error etc. - all they have advised is send it for repair.

Can anyone shed further light on this problem ?