Hi everyone,

After several failures to download images from my G9, I realised that the problem was due to insufficient free space on my C: drive. On inspection, CameraWindow creates a cache (in the "Documents and Settings" tree) which is used to store files pending their transfer to the location you can specify in User Options. Unfortunately as a result of my profligate use of raw format along with an 8GB SD card means that this cache outgrew the space available for it (about 4GB on my system.)

I organise my PC so that C: is reserved for Windows and applications, and keep a much larger (> 200GB) D: partition for user stuff (which is where I've set CW to put my images.) Therefore I'd like to know whether there is any way to reconfigure the CW to use this drive as the cache location. Nothing obvious in the user options, and I've had a very quick peek into the registry, but cannot find anything!

Any advice welcomed,