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    Cool Quiet times in the old forum ... SONY DSLR Halloween Hall of Shame

    It's Halloween ... 2009! Now, there's a scary thought. I've been at this for 52 years ... being part of or just watching the "spook show" come and go. In fact, I remember one year ... not a single knock on the door and a bowl full of candy ... went straight in the trash. No, didn't need the extra poundage ... it represented. That gave a whole new meaning to "cutting your losses."

    Another year, my brothers and I trudging through an early Chicago snowfall ... where was "global warming" that year? But, at least we went out and muddled through the inclement weather. I suppose it is a "meaner world" when kids decide to "cut their own losses" and not even bother to make the trek around the neighbor hood.

    Anyway, I hope a few show up this year, worthy of being placed in the "Halloween Hall of Shame" posting. I have noticed an intense pick up in merchandising, this year, which tends to give me hope.

    I mean look at this 30 bar layout. I hope the SNICKERS go first ...

    None of those midget bars at my house ... I am trying to put the local Dentists right back to work!

    Guess we shall see what the night brings ... muahahahahahaha

    Bring on your pics of the ghosts and goblins ... superheroes ... faeries ... animals ... clowns ... bums ... teenagers with axes and other gore ... and where is that eye-popping Lady Godiva-costumed babe ... the protester of Health-care taxation ... or something like that?

    Let's see 'em!

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    *Cough - Cough - Cough* "Uh, and whatever ELSE seems to never die!"
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