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Thread: I need help...

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    I need help...

    Sad day....nevermind...sold this morning!
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    You may want to look at the age of those lenses. I suspect they are all manual focus only. But, also, if they are AI lenses, they won't meter on your camera. You will have to become adept with that meter that's included in the deal.

    Current Tokina lenses have a pretty good reputation. I love my 12-24, as long as it's not pointed at the sun (flare, ghosting, flare and ghosting on the flare, ghosting). But it's built like a tank and sharp corner to corner. Also, I've never seen or had the weird color issues I've seen others have with Sigma lenses.
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    Both lenses listed on the post I'm seeing (I see it was edited a few hours after initial posting) are AF-S, so they should autofocus and meter fine on the D40. In fact, I think they make up the normal standard and tele zoom twin lens kit for that camera.

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