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    Lightbulb What the a700 represents ... right now

    Upon close examination, other than the extra wide capability of going full frame, what do you actually get by migrating from APS-C to FF?

    With respect to the a700, not a whole heck of a lot. The a700 has almost every single feature the a850/a900 DSLRs have, except for the "Intelligent Preview" and marginally useful (SONY/K-M/Minolta) "AF Micro Adjust." It also benefits from the convenience of the built-in flash. That is another $129 to add on, with the FF-frame cameras and not really all that convenient.

    Generally speaking, the Full Frame is a luxury item, for the most part. It really does not do all that much for the standard fair of lenses (24mm - 200mm) and only comes into play when using the wide PRIMEs (24mm or wider). If you do not use these, forget about it.

    The a700 offers nearly identical operation and for 1/3 the price. That is the real bargain, so if you do not snatch one of these up, before they are discontinued, you really missed out. You would basically have an a900 w/o the width. The a900 still sells for $2700 ... the a700 -> $850.

    I know this posting may sound hypocritcal, but it is not. I own BOTH cameras ... and after all the comparisons have been done, I still believe the return to the "standard frame" is the best way to enjoy the old glass, but to be honest ... in the face of this kind of bargain ... it is the a700 every day of the week. You just cannot get enough out of the Full Frame (in resolution) to justify spending $2000 more for it. There has to be more to make that move for that kind of cash. It is easy to see why there is a move afoot to eliminate the a700 from the inventory. With this kind of alternative ... the money rules.

    My advice: Get one if you can ... and be happy you saved the money.

    SOME Quick-Math from the Quick-Menu:

    a900 5fps/24.6 MP= $2699
    HVL-F20AM Compact Flash = $129

    Total: $2828

    a700 5fps/12.2 MP/Built-in Flash = $850 (B&H Video)

    & with the money you pocketed, you could get -> CZ 24-70mm f/2.8 (top of the line base zoom) = $1600

    Total: $2450

    Okay ... most excellent glass on your new high-end APS-C for less than just the FF-camera body. Now, that's a bargain! Go save some serious money ... while you STILL can.

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