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    et_excel Guest

    DSC- F707 error code


    My son knocked my camera off, and now, it won't focus or zoom in or out, otherwise, it still takes and display picture. It display E:61:10 error code. It was working fine before this happens.

    I am not sure whether this error will qualify for the flat rate at Sony repair center either, or whether this is something that I can repair at home. Though repair cost seems really high.

    If anybody has any suggestion or advice, it would really be appreciated.

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    gmwhite Guest

    Re: DSC-F707 error code

    According to my manual, the error code is *A camera malfunction that you cannot reverse has occurred. -->Contact your Sony dealer or local authorized Sony service facility and inform them of the 5-digit service code. (example: E:61:10). They used your exact code in their example.

    There is also a web site with numerous testimonials to the "Smacking Method". http://www.pechorin.com/m/2004/03/07...-210360-4.html. It's worth a shot.

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    Mar 2011
    accidentally I drop my sony T77, the LCD is totaly demage, and sony fix it

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