i think you could be more creative with your choice of poses and compositions. they all seem to be 3/4 body images, full frontal, (so to speak), all shot at f11-ish, all centre frame and all with the models looking in the direction of the camera. there seems to be little genuine interaction between the models so they come across as props. consider some negative space, some more atmospheric shots including the environments, some different angles, ie: from above from behind etc. closer up, focus on individual features, open up the aperture and allow some specific point of interest to shine thru with your dof. i also still think your lighting is too hard casting distracting shadows and reducing the opportunity for a mood to develop. stronger, more powerful light is not always the answer but seems to be a common theme in your images.

post 781 of the girl is a perfect example where you used softer, more even light, a more dramatic and vibrant pose which draws the viewer into the shot and transcends the other images which can appear 2 dimensional and lacking some life. you've also added some interest and drama by the uneven lighting in the background.