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    Question What "living?"

    @Peter: Thanks for sharing your rig, old chum. I have to buy into expanding the RAM as a great idea! It was clearly demonstrated when I tossed in the extra 8GB, on top of the existing 8GB. It cleaved that process time!

    As for AMD... I have been an AMD fan for easily 15 years, now. A lot of that is because I could not see paying Intel's advanced pricing, back in the day. They are selling plenty of processors and there is no reason to artificially inflate those prices other than to rip off the pedestrians. I am not a fan of that crap, as you well know, otherwise, I would also own Canon gear.

    I spent a good hour or so with a hardware specialist, running ideas of other configurations with a couple SSD drives in RAID 0. The bottom line to all that was that was the single Cosair 120GB SSD, as a "bang for the buck" solution. While there is a substantially faster one, in the Revo SSD RAID 0... the cost is double, too, for an effectively diminished return. So... we drop back a notch and save a couple hundred.

    The main intent of writing about this was to just see what would happen if... and that's it. I mean, most people don't discuss this common aspect of digital photography, so I thought I might. I had gotten into a rather lengthy discussion, while working in my capacity of an "IT" specialist at the school. A couple of the guys were discussing DROBO drives (<- click here) and the use of SSD drives. It got me thinking about improving the response of Photoshop and other applications. So... I "what if'd..." my way into this project and created this unusual edition.

    Quote Originally Posted by Rooz View Post
    what do you do for a living Don ?
    @Rooz: Now, I am going to ask you to take a moment and review the thread title. Okay... having read that, Rooz... I AM A "troublemaking"... S-T-U-D-E-N-T. I have no direct income from anyone other than the few sheckles I get from my student support and student employee program. I use this miniscule money to pacify my technological pursuits and optical explorations. This minimal amount is also reduced by the explosive cost of gasoline and taxes, these days. Even though I have almost 35 years as a "trained" Electronics Technician, Experimentalist and Information Systems specialist, that does not seem to make any difference in today's job market. I have occasionally looked to see what jobs are available and it looks pretty bare without the, now, obligatory Bachelors-degree. That one rather silly-aspect "weeds you out" before you ever get to a hiring manager, these days. So no... until I have the "sheepskin"... what living? I have no useful past, apparently. And since it does not seem to matter what the degree is in, I went and pursued my oldest hobby interest (and no, it wasn't women, either).

    I have a scheduled March 2012 graduation date. Then... world, look out! Have camera, won't travel.
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