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    Red face Review of the work ...

    Well, push came to shove, tonight, in the "Business of Photography" class.

    As many of you know, I have been rather "general" in my approach to photography, basically working on getting it ALL imaged. Flowers, people, models, table top, equipment, aircraft, buildings... even celestial events. Unfortunately, the more serious side of the business class says ... BUZZ ... you cannot do that and be successful, no matter how technically correct your images are ... you will starve to death.

    Well, that's not good news, because I have never felt comfortable being tightly focused, so to speak. I am pretty sure none of us do (but, then again, some have found their niche). Personally, I am hard-pressed on deciding what type of photography I like the most, to be quite honest. I know I have not been too moved by photographing food, but that has a certain flavor of its own.

    My strongest efforts have been with:


    female models

    and aircraft

    Well, that's diverse, eh? I suppose I could photograph airports with beautiful women in the control tower, and blend the three.

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    Anyway ... by the end of the course, the instructor wants a "portfolio" built up and dedicated to the specialty I select. It cannot be a mix ... but, specifically targeting one genre, to successfully complete the requirements of the class. Airshows are a little lean at the moment, this quarter. Driving around to find new architecture can be time consuming. I may lean more toward the fashion photography for the time being, as that is what I am concentrating on for my "catalog" in the Print Production class. I suppose you could call it the path of least resistance and the least economically challenged. The modeling fees have been truly reasonable ... TFP.

    I must admit, over the past year of going back to school for this pursuit, it has taken a significant financial bite out of my resources by doing these various projects and acquiring equipment to make it happen. I have not done cheap work ... but, I should say that my grades have benefited to that end, also.

    Tonight, I was also complimented on my 50-page book design and layout of "Touring the Great Bear Wilderness" @ Brookfield Zoo. This coming from a "pro" photographer, who has been at it for several decades. Again, that effort is not going to feed the world, either, but with some fine-tuning and a couple of image replacements, the publication has some potential as an offering in the exhibit's Gift Shop. That was never my intent, but the possibility is there and it would represent an undeniable business venture.
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