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    Red face The stink of the whole thing is ...

    The print production class is nothing more than a more intensive version of the digital grid class. For the most part, it is a repeat, as I have tried to explain. It has no real "introduction" value, because I have already done it. So, what is it ... just an additional cost.

    C'mon guys ... my biggest contest is paying for valuable knowledge, that's all. I truly feel that this course is just busting a photographer's chops. Wasting my time and $$$. That irks me. At least make me learn something new ... not a more intensive repeat of something I probably will not be using. Once is enough.

    Oh sure, I can game it and do some spectacular work. I then look at it and say, "big deal." I now have a $500 useless catalog and restaurant menu, to join my $125 24-page magazine and $600 50-page book. Again, I do know better ways to make use of money than that. Arguably, I spoke to the instructor to see what minimum costs were and he went on to describe some schlock efforts from prior classes. Again, that sounds pretty pathetic when you consider the rather substantial tuition being paid to attend this institution. You do not want to waste a minute ... it is kind of expensive.

    So ... for the moment I am stuck, but I want you all to know that I will make a concerted effort to curtail this class for future attendees ... and try to get the far more applicable color management course started. I contend that the digital grids course was plenty introduction to graphic arts for most photography students.

    Darin, sounds like you are having a blast. Enjoy the developing nature of your efforts.
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