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    Post 2nd Quarter 2011 - The Business of Photography

    I found out, over the past several quarters, the "Business of Photography" class was ... well, not. This quarter, though, they hired a "real" businessman/established photographer to teach the course, which could be very interesting, in the sense that he will be running his own business at the same time. Conflict of Interest? Or for that matter, best use of time? We will see. More like too many hands in the mixer. Whew.

    Whatever! Anything has to be an improvement from what I was hearing from the prior class' students. I simply could not believe what they were considering "the photography business." Admittedly, from what I could tell, this new fellow seems to really know his stuff and that, my friends, is where it all "good" education starts, in my book. Active and timely interest is definitely appreciated when it comes to photography.

    He actually provided us with a personal survey to complete, which kind of left me a little flat ... because I know what I would have to write compared to the remaining 20-24 year old students in the class, if were to be completely objective and honest. ... and I felt that was more than a little lop-sided, so I opted for a terse overview and offered the fact that we would get to know more about each other during the class than we probably ever wanted to know. One other aspect of the class is that there are currently only five-students in it. That's pretty good one-on-one, considering the class is usually scheduled for more than 12. I just hope it survives the academic cut for participation purposes.

    Anyway, just in case you might be interested in the content of the class, here it is:
    • What it means to be a photographer
    • Finding your Niche
    • Professional Equipment
    • Business Plan
    • Pricing your work
    • Building a Body of Work
    • Overhead: the Cost of Doing Business
    • Marketing vs. Sales
    • Accounting
    • Technology
    • Contracts
    • Legal Issues
    • Protecting your work
    • Networking (vs. Notworking)
    • Copyrights
    • Breaking the RUles
    • Attorneys
    • Archiving
    • Stock Photography

    Definitely a nifty Quarter, this time ... picture that!
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