So I found my notes from the recent Pasadena Lightroom Imaging Group presentation on editing green screen images. The only problem is that they were mostly written in the dark while trying to watch what was being done on the projector.

So, over the next couple of days I'll be posting some of the editing tips on this subject. (I normally would have tried to figure out my notes and post it in one shot, but I have a number of deadline projects due at work.)

Green screen on a budget.
Can't afford a green screen back drop ... paint your own using Behr candy apple green luster. Don't use gloss because it can produce hot spots, especially when using flash, that don't match the same green color.

Preliminary Editing and Selection
Using Adobe RAW or Lightroom, increase the saturation and reduce the contrast. This helps in the color selection later.

Then open as a "Smart Object" in PS. (This will allow you to perform additional adjustments to the RAW file later, namely adding the contrast back in.)

Using the eyedropper tool take a 5x5 or 11x11 sample of the most saturated area of green screen.

That's all for now ... stay tuned for more later.