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... @Peter: Concerning the glass location ... I did have her move the glass through the scene ... trying to "find it" in the images ... and this was the one where it stood out the best. But, the weird part, as I was dropping off to sleep, I was troubled as how to improve the existing shot and thought I might just tone down the background ... to highlight the glass. It might have been cool to hit it with some kind of spot illumination, but ... did not have any to speak of.

EDIT: Here is the redo with Post:

I think it works better ... thanks. The space under her bottom ... err, I mean at the bottom of the photo is for text and what not. ...

I think Peter was referring to the glass at the lower right of the scene. Not the one in hand. The one in the lower right is distracting. Likewise, on the newer shot you posted where she's reclining atop the bar, the half of a glass sticking into the frame by her feet on the left is distracting. If the extra glass is supposed to be part of the scene, it needs to be displayed better IMHO so that it feels cohesive with the overall image.