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    Talking Reversing sides

    Happily, this solution cost no more $. I was able to reverse the horizontal mounting from the left to the right, quite simply, actually, and that did it

    The mecablitz flash head is now completely clear of the gimbal mount and the camera has relatively full tilt, again.

    I suppose it is a little awkward, considering the normal left-hand side operation of the mount, but it is flexible enough for the change around and does work from the right-side, too. I can achieve about 210° of y-axis rotation with it now. 0° being completely horizontal ... from -82° on the decline to +118° on the ascent, before the mount meets the mecablitz's hot-shoe adapter. Anything on the hot-shoe precludes any further rotation. Regardless, this +118° is well past vertical (90)° and I can always rotate the x-axis 180° around and track back down.

    EDIT: I took a few to kind of show the operation, now

    Okay, let's swing through vertical ...


    28° past Vertical

    Try that with a ball-head!

    I suspect you would like this, Pete. It can really handle all the weight.
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