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    They really do little with photography ... it's almost all based on illustration techniques ... and while that can be fun ... it is not what I am after. There are only three weeks left to the class, anyway. One final project. Now, get this ... a printed and mounted 24 x 36-inch image. Estimated cost ... $90! Ideas are to be submitted by Tuesday, 3/9.

    Unfortunately, It cannot be done on my EPSON 3800, as 17-inches is as wide as it goes. I need to find a EPSON 7880 to make it happen, but I am not buying one of those. $3995 MSRP for the Colorburst edition! A kick-rear printer, but seriously out of my price range.

    I could pick up a 7600 for a reasonable price, but while the 3800 easily takes a table top, that bad boy takes up some serious room. The ink cartridges are $70 each and it takes seven.

    Oh, what fun

    If you guys really want to see an ink-eater ... the EPSON 11880 can handle 64" wide paper.
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