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    Wink Recycle ... when it comes to flash time ... shorter is better

    Tonight, I was invited to watch a young photographer and her Nikon D3 go to work. She set up her lighting using four electronic flashes (2x SB-600 & 2x SB-900) and it was truly enlightening to see that she went through just about the same difficulty I do with the SONY system.

    Just about forty minutes worth of setup and then another half-hour worth of shooting gymnastics

    Again, the thing that just sticks in my craw is "battery management" for these damn flashes. It would be so much easier if the manufacturers would allow a direct AC/DC connection to these "portable" flashes, instead of relying on the often unreliable battery set (of 4) per flash.

    My rule of thumb is eight (8) batteries for each flash, but to each their own. That's 32 batteries on the recharge cycle. Have fun with that. Personally, I say "eliminate the damn things" if you are indoors and use light-cabled AC adapters instead. You would get duration, high-reliability and superior recycle. How could you argue with that kind of result?

    Anyway, it was comforting to see that some things don't change across the brands. After all this time, they all still stink!
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