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@ Darin: you need to "nit pick" a little closer, because both hands have ALL of their fingers and thumbs.

I suppose I could simply use the MENU on the α850 and select the APS-C Capture mode (11 MP) ... or reduce the resolution a bit, by going to 'M" (13 MP) instead of the "L" (24 MP). Most students do not have Full Frame imaging available to them, so I am going to assume they would not have this file size issue to worry about.

Where my desktop only has 2GB of RAM to manipulate an image in, the new MSI laptop has a full 4GB to mess with ... and a CORE 2 Duo processor to jockey it around. The ATI Radeon video card is also pretty neat, but that darn LCD screen is unreliable as a measured video evaluation/color management resource. It you tilt the screen just a bit, you get an entirely different looking shade due to polarization. That can be really hard to make image adjustments/judgments from.
Don, I looked back at the image and you are right. When I looked at it, the angle of the left hand made it appear to me as though the fingers were all the same length.

On the editing issues, I hear you loud and clear. My current laptop only has 1 gig of RAM and the RAW conversion software really struggles to process the RAW files. So, I will be upgrading some time in the next several months.

I've also learned that one true difficulty of working off the laptop is the LCD screen "tilt factor." If you're not viewing it straight on, color and saturation can look dramatically different.

I'd be interested in hearing whether others only use desktops for editing their images or hook their laptops up to a desktop sized monitor for editing.