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    Lightbulb Schedule for this quarter

    Quote Originally Posted by laydros View Post
    What kind of classes are involved? At least what are you taking this semester?

    Good luck, have fun, let us know how it goes. And what the heck they teach!
    Well, I have taken most of the basic photography stuff with my Photography Certificate courses, at the Junior College, over the past three years. Now, it involves a little more advanced things, such as:
    • Advanced Image Manipulation - This course is further enhances the skills acquired in previous image manipulation and technology-based classes. Emphasis is placed advanced applications and the appropriate selection of variables for the required task. Students study the possibilities and constraints of image transport and display over the Internet. Interface design is studied in an application-oriented approach.
    • Electronic Imaging - The traditional techniques of illustration are translated to the electronic media using vector-based software. Special considerations for computer-generated artwork are explored.
    • Typography - Beginning with the history of letterforms, students in this course explore the fundamentals of typography including terminology and professional standards.

    This will go on until the 27th of March, as these are quarterly classes, not semester, like the junior college was. The work is assigned as weekly projects, until the culmination and final.

    I am not sure exactly how much actual photography may be involved, as this is mostly post-processing. I will try to keep up as things change and what is involved.

    The classwork, they say, is designed to be more like what would happen in the actual working environment and a level of excellence will be expected, in all aspects of the assignments.

    One impressive analogy was that if you miss one minute of class time, due to absence or just being late, it is exactly like taking a twenty dollar bill and cutting it up into worthless pieces. Yeah, twenty bucks a minute, throughout the course. This was made more obvious by realizing the fact that I am PAYING THEM to go there. "Bang for the buck" ... or you're out of luck. Makes sense to me.
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