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Well, despite your take on things, 'Rooz', old buddy ...

I found myself quite impressed with the school's operation and assets. When the subject of fanboy-ism came up, I was informed that several students were SONY users. The school uses Nikon D80s for the early courses and I guess that makes sense, since you can pick up a Nikon camera almost anywhere. If I were an uninformed student of the arts ... and only had the "chimping" Ashton Kutcher commercials to refer to, I'd probably fall for all that crap, too. Boo-yah!

After a couple hour discussion, covering my prior scholastic work, experience and inventions, I was stunned when the interviewer laughed and said, "Man, once you have that degree, you need to teach here."

Well, perhaps that was honest ... perhaps it was just to get student admissions up. Who knows, I've done a lot more than most students, at this level, and he made no bones about my being the most interesting interview he had ever had.

Wow, 'Rooz', you would have been spectacular (wink wink, nudge nudge).

Anyway ... it is not a cheap effort, to be sure. Tuition w/o the "Nikon" starter kit is right around $22,500/ yr. The rough evaluation has completion of my Bachelors Degree at about 5-quarters, or about $35,000 in real money. After reviewing financial aid, in this regard, with the 20-year repayment plan and various grants has this quite affordable.

Looking forward, they posted a 88% placement for the students, last year, even in this economy. That bodes well for success. Ongoing student opportunities abound with the Career Development department, constantly posting part-time and full-time positions as they arrive. Heck, they even have a veteran Playboy photographer teaching a couple classes. That definitely has possibilities.
yeah, all good. like i said...lets hope they teach execution aswell as theory. then we'll be in for a real treat...PHOTOS of things. lol