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    Question Philosophically: What is your hobby worth?

    What’s your hobby worth?

    I feel Photography is not a hobby for the feint of heart or the casual among us.

    You are probably asking, “WHY?” I know I would be.

    Consider this … the planning and design of every SLR lens you will probably encounter goes beyond a day’s work to produce. In fact, I would be so inclined to say the average high-end lens takes several weeks from optical sand to fine polished product. It is carefully assembled, tested and finished for your purchase. So, if you add up all the time involved in the creation of your lens bag (some more than others, of course), you are looking at probably six-months to a year worth of overall work.

    That being said, every image you produce is a reflection of that work. Rarely can that be said for any other mass produced tool. So not only are you the creator of your work, but so are the artisans/engineers/assemblers that were originally involved in bringing you your camera and your lenses, for without them … you’d be drawing or painting your work, instead.

    Consider this, next time you “pull the shutter release”: Have you truly given your work its full measure?

    Good luck in your craft ...
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