I tellya, the one lens that has me furious is my "China-made" SONY SAL-50F14.

The aperture is lagging, effectively leaving it WIDE OPEN during any aperture I set in the camera. Doesn't matter if it is on the A700 or the A850 ... same response ... retarded. If I use the "optical preview" ... on all my other lenses ... you press the button and get instantaneous response ... on the 50mm .... ... uh, now. That "uh" means wide open aperture for long enough that the image is overexposed, when the shutter release is pressed.

I sent it to Laredo for correction ... they sent it back ... "problem not found." Like I said ... most disappointing Obviously SONY is not going to be able to repair it for me. I guess it's off to United Camera & Binocular, tomorrow. Maybe ... a THIRD-PARTY can get it done! Sheesh!