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    Not Digital, But Watch Yourself on Craigslist

    I've been looking for a Hasselblad 501CM or 503CW and found 503CW kit w/ a CFE lens on Craigslist locally for $1500(US) which is a great price. I replied to the Craigslist ad and got back a sketchy way to contact the seller. The ad gave serial numbers of the body and lens and for whatever reason I did a Google search of the body serial number. I had 3 hits, one being the Craigslist ad, another was a very reputable ebay seller, and the last seemed to be a search engine of some kind to locate specific cameras. This raised my suspicions enough to contact the legit ebay seller, who I recieved an email back from stating it was absolutely a scam and the kit on Craigslist was a copy of his ebay ad and the camera was in his warehouse.
    Not sure how prevalent this sort of scam is, but I thought I'd give a headsup as a caution to all.

    This is the Craigslist ad (Southeast Massachusetts)....

    Legit ebay sellers ad.... note the descriptions are identical....

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    Lol. The real givaway: I had a Hassleblad as a gift but I already have one... Umm... new that was a $5,000 camera!

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    I'd go on eBay. With eBay you have seller ratings, as well as recourse should the sale go south. But even on eBay you can get taken for a ride. Just remember the old addage - "Let the buyer beware."

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