The photo of the first day of flights, unfortunately, isn't present.
The first flight passed normally.
In the second flight at vertical loop performance a flaw - result falling and breakage of vertical tail. Breaking polyfoam stuck together glue Akfix - PA 360. A place of fastening vertical tail strengthened the reinforced adhesive tape. Repair borrowed 20 minutes.
Morals - you are not able to fly - don't show off!!! :-)

Second day of flights. Photo of the grandson Artem.

Before take-off

Take-off from a hand. The main landing gear we do not mount - "Belly landing". The canopy just in case fixed an elastic band. In a sunny day polarizing sunglasses are very much recommended, differently will catch sun hares :-)

The plane in flight

Fight against air flaws

Landing approach

Soft "Belly landing"

Flights showed that it is necessary to establish a horn on the minimum expenses (last position).
After the first falling and repair the knot of fastening of vertical tail is strengthened by the reinforced adhesive tape.
Horn of elevator is established in average position

The second day of flights passed more successfully. The truth once plane hooked on tree branches. Did without breakages.

Many thanks for attention