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Thread: K-7 Review

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    K-7 Review

    I've just read Jeff's review of the K-7 on this site - it seems very positive. Quite the best ratio of pros to cons in the summary that I've ever seen, and most of the cons had straightforward workarounds. I think he covered all the interesting features, but there are so many I have trouble remembering them all. If I hadn't bought my K20D only 9 months ago, I'd be buying one.

    The only thing I didn't notice was a mention that the high end DA* lenses are weather sealed - only the new WR lenses were mentioned (unless I missed it, there was a lot to read).

    So who else reckons this might be Jeff's new DSLR?

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    1. eBay K20D
    2. Purchase K-7
    3. ?????
    4. Profit

    Looks like a good camera. I also noticed the very positive pros to cons ratio. It'll be interesting to see how this camera is taken over time and if it will be enough to give Pentax a little more spotlight.
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    I am curious what the image results would be like with a straight lens like the FA50 or one of the pancakes or maybe a limited. The softness in the test shots reminds me of the results I saw with the kit 18-55 I got with my DL way back that I abandoned soon after purchase.

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    Thank you Jeff for your in-depth and positive review of the K-7.

    Looking for a user point of view? Check my Pentax K-7 User Review

    Just a picture as a teaser


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    K 7 Review

    Great review Very nice charts right there...hmmm I like that.

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