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I spent about $600 on the Yellow Pages over 2 years, not including the cost of the landline itself. Worst decision of my life. One wedding booked from it (and only after they saw my website) and about 100 calls asking if I do film developing, film reel to vhs transfers, and/or camera repairs. One call was to ask for camera recommendations.
It'll be interesting to compare notes.

I know what I have found doesn't work. My worst investment was TV advertising. I really thought that would work but clearly it did not. I didn't get a single phonecall or a single visit to my website despite quoting both in the advert.

I'm sticking with my websites as they are. People seem to like the images and are wowed by the high-speed stuff. I figure smack them with a wow image before they get to see the other stuff.

I looked at my SEO ratings and they didn't seem too bad. 52% and 58% for my .com and .mobi sites respectively (they have identical text). I get 84% for my PC fixing site and 66% for the base site.

Now that all tells me SEO ratings are a load of rubbish. For an 84% rated site, I'd expect lots of people phoning. The only people that phone having got the number from my pc repair website are sleazy toerags trying to sell stuff. This is easily identifiable as they call from out-of-state. Pretty much the same for calls to my photo number.

The world has a general dislike of spam, street spam and junk mail. This is why I don't link myself to any of the purveyors of it.

I've left flyers around local businesses - hairdressers etc. I see some pretty awful flyers from competitors there and know my stuff is of higher quality. Perhaps the worst I saw was a load of business cards that looked like cut down 6x4 prints. They looked exactly as if somebody had chopped a bunch of 6x4 prints in two with blunt scissors. Again, no calls. I know how many cards/flyers I leave in each place and when I return a month later I usually find them all still there.

The Yellow Pages seems, on that basis to be the most reasonable avenue to follow.