It appears that my current webhost is making a right-old muck up of things. Thus I'm exploring other options.

I have all but one of my domain names hosted separately from my web host. This means portability. I designed my system like that from the start as I did hear it was much easier to switch between domain hosts and between web hosts than to switch when both were hosted by the same company. It does seem to be true.

My recent dip into mobile websites has shown up flaws in my webhosting that would otherwise have lain undetected and they're pretty major flaws. The framed redirect doesn't do a lot for any of my websites. My web host will not allow access to their domain server. At best, for double the money I'm paying them, I'd get a single add-on domain. For about double that I'd get more domains. None of their packages suit my needs any more. I'm thus thinking about alternate hosting.

I did come across an innovative solution whereby I could do my own hosting on my workstation and use a service to keep my DNS entries consistent with my dynamic IP address. That actually sounds quite promising. The cost would be about $60 per year for the service. The downside of self-hosting is keeping one's own machine running 24x7. The upside is total control over everything.

I've even come across one ethical server which is entirely wind-powered. That sounds very interesting. It also sounds like it's run out of somebody's bedroom with a small wind turbine set up on the corner of their parent's house!

I'm getting figures for a 12 month hosting deal of around $60 - $150 a year. In fact there're so many providers out there that it's puzzling to say the least, to work out who is best and which direction to take. Self-hosting does tempt me, however.