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    Morning all,

    Currently have a A700 and looking for advise and tips on getting the best out of the camera.

    I only want to shot RAW as it allows better dynamic range, and obviously non-destructive. I'm limited at the moment with the glass (the sony 18-70 kitlens) so not expecting great results.

    What do you use, or recommend I try to help assist me in getting the best of the camera's image quality. Shooting full manual or aperture mode (I don't use any of the auto functions)

    My style of photography is landscape (using autopano (4 or 5 images x2 rows)) and macro and snaps of my kids. I like to photograph old buildings again, taking several shots to be made into a panoramic image.

    Thanks for any input you can offer, and will be totaly appreciated.


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    For about $100 you can get a 50MM 1;1.7 minolta maxxim lens...

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    Sep 2009
    Ive ordered, and eagerly awaiting the delevery of the Sigma 17-70 then the kitlens can be used as a door stop.

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