i have not been on this forum for over 10 months now, been out of the game since. the last equipment i had was all canon and had to sell due to the same issues almost everyone else is having with the economy, but now the family and i are back on track and now im planning on getting back into the DSLR world. after doing some research im just feeling the sony DSLR's. now currently what i have added to my wishlist is the Sony A500 with the vertical battery grip, now for my first lens its going to be one of the 70-200mm 2.8 lenses. my question is, is it worth the 1k more to get the sony? comparing to the sigma version. currently im saving and planning on my purchase in several months. i know im sure most of you will say, pickup the sony G but i would rather save the 1k if its not worth it to go more for the sony.