DIY digital back for old Hasselblad 6x6 on low/no budget.

Just think out loud here....

As an amateur (Ham radio) engineer (Very early days here) and photographer, I bought a couple of Hasselbled 500C/M's to tinker with.

I thought ir would be nice to be able to take digital stills with these old cameras without spends a kings ransom, or, better still build one myself?

There are a number of difficult hurdles to be overcome to building a affordable usable digital back for the old 6x6cm 'blads.

1. Sensor. As I see it there are three choices, a SCANNING back, similar to the technology in the Leica S1 digital camera. Good for static subjects only. (Check the Leica website for this, tethered camera (it has no memory or CPU). Then there's CCD or CMOS.

2. Building a compatible, accurately fitting, housing for sensor and attaching this to the camera body. I think the easiest way to do this is to take an old film magazine, either 70mm, or 120/220 and fit the sensor and essential electronics in there. The world is awash with old hasselblad film magazines, ready to be hacked!

3. Ok why would you want to do this? Old blads or plentiful and so are their accessories and lenses. Getting a 40 year old carl zeiss lens onto a popular SLR body only requires buying a suitable adapter ring.

4. If a usable but ultra-basic could be hobbled together for $1000 or less then a lot of old cameras could have a hole new life stretching ahead of them.