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    Down, down, down

    In 2005 I bought a 1GB CF card for $100 and some change. Today I see a 32GB CF card going for $75. The last 4 years has seen prices tumble and capacities increase steadily.

    Back in 2000 when I was using Smart Media an 8mb card was $40.

    Forecast for the future...

    Memory cards are going to be so cheap that we might as well just archive on them!

    32GB is only a shade smaller than the hard drive in one of my laptops. In terms of price, it's about the same cost as a laptop hard drive, speaking of which, even the solid-state versions are plummeting in price and capacities rising. 512GB seems to be available now although for the same price 128GB was, last year. I predict next year solid-state drives will be a ton cheaper and also that in 3 years time they will become standard issue and older hard drives will begin to be phased out.

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    Intel came out wit a new production for SSD which costs much less than the current ones and that is why the prices of SSD will keep dropping considerably.
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