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    Tamron Lens World Wide Moment


    At 0909 GMT on 09 Sep 09 The concept calls for people to take photographs at the exact same moment in celebration of this event. Whether you are comfortable at home, hard at work, or in the middle of fighting for a cause you believe in, Worldwide Moment wants you to participate and share in this moment.
    I'm gonna do it, even if I still take some pretty "crappy" pictures. It will be just getting dark here on our "local" time that they have asked us to take the photo. Think that my kids will be at Soccer practice.
    Joe Holmes
    Sony α550
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    Minolta 70-210 F4 (Beercan)
    Minolta 28-135 F4-4.5 (This beast is pretty heavy)
    Minolta Maxxum 100-200 F4.5
    Quantaray D28-90 1:3.5-5.6 Ver 5
    Tamron DiII 55-200 1:4.5-6

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    Wonder how much spam that will get ya...

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    Question not GMT after all.. whew

    Quote Originally Posted by joenmell View Post

    At 0909 GMT on 09 Sep 09 ...
    Turns out it's 0909 JAPAN time, not GMT. That's a bit brash of them! It does let me take a shot before turning in, though - 0909 GMT was 2am on the West Coast of No.America, which would greatly lessen my odds of participating.

    Wait a moment.. something still isn't right.
    One page tells me to shoot at 5:09pm, another page tells me it's 1 day 1 hours from now ('now' being 5:40pm) - glad I have three batteries, so I can shoot continuously for a 'moment' lasting 2 hours
    JimR - gear list changes daily

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    Just adjust your camera's clock and have at it
    Don Schap - BFA, Digital Photography
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    Look, I did not create the optical laws of the Universe ... I simply learned to deal with them.
    Remember: It is usually the GLASS, not the camera (except for moving to Full Frame), that gives you the most improvement in your photography.

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