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    I'll wait for the SX30IS (or whatever the next model will be) and hope they make the picture quality better and keep the video at least 720p (or make true HD 1080p). I was really hoping this camera gave us what the European SX1 delivered without the price tag. I've read too many bad reviews on this camera. Most reviews either hate it or love it.

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    Question "Busy" sign when shooting

    Quote Originally Posted by Paul79UF View Post
    I stopped at Best Buy today to check out the SX20 IS. I captured 24 pictures and 4 720P HD video clips on my memory card.

    I really liked the feel of the camera, the 20x 28mm-560mm lens, and the new location of some of the buttons as compared to my S5 IS.

    I uploaded 800x600 versions and originals of the pictures in this gallery -
    Canon SX20 IS Pictures & Videos

    The original HD videos can be downloaded at the bottom of the page.

    I'm still concerned about the lens being a bit slow (f5.7) when zoomed in and some of the pictures seemed soft. I'd only use the zoom in well lit conditions like at the zoo and I guess the pictures could be sharpened in or out of the camera.

    I have a S5 IS and was planning to get sx20. I tried the SX20 at the store, but it takes longer than usual to take a picture. Every picture I shot, the LCD went dark for 3-4 seconds and had "Busy" sign. Which does not happen in a S5 IS.

    Let me know, do you get the busy sign, also?

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    Well I've had my SX20 for 3 months now, it's been to the Carribean, Pacific ocean & Atlantic ocean and many places in between. Great pictures, the multi-level flash has been great. Even using the full 20x optical zoom when outdoors the quality is great for pictures and video. Of course at that zoom, you try to hold the camera steady for video, but I've had great results. The stereo mics sound great for a little camera. The speed from 1 picture to the next is the only weak link for me, but it's not that bad, maybe 1 1/2 seconds in real life. On burst it's about 1 picture per second with good light. Not high speed, but ok for most things. For football games, I preferred to use the 720P video, since the quality is so good even with the 20x zoom. Overall, it's an awesome camera for my needs.

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    How's the battery life with the SX20? My SX10 doesn't like NiMh batteries unless they just came out of the charger. I've been told the SX10 is very voltage sensitive. I have a set of alkalines in it now and they've been going strong for about 3 weeks probably a 100 shots. My newest 2500mah Energizer's won't run my SX10 for more than a few days or maybe 30-40 shots. Been thinking about trying some Eneloops. The same Energizer's will run my wife's little Nikon L18 for weeks 200 or so shots.

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    I've been using the Sanyo Eneloops for a couple of months now and love them.

    I took a bunch of pictures and wide-screen movies over the Holidays with no hiccups.

    I also take most pictures and movies in hi-def. I also have the LCD on most of the time when getting ready to take pictures. I also use the telephoto a lot for bird pictures on my patio. (thru the window, afterall, it's wintertime in NE Ohio.

    And the output from the camera (slide show mode) using an HDMI cable is awesome on my Samsung 40" TV.

    It doesn't get much better than this. What an improvement over my old S2 IS.

    - Jack

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